Why is choosing ballast blocks worth it?
Quick setup

Forget about the usual construction.
Work faster.
Reduce the costs and save the time.


Flat roof slope

You can set up ballast installation
on a roof with a slope of ≤ 10 °,
if you use our dedicated glue.


PV farms

Our innovative system allows
to accommodate a 1MW PV farm
on an area of ​​less than 1ha.


N-Series ballast blocks have been designed for the maximum efficiency and ease of solar structure assembly on the ground and on flat roofs.

Compared to the usual ballast and ground constructions, our product allows to significantly reduce the costs of materials and work time.

Regular offer

In regular sale there will be a ballast block named N15, inclined at an angle of 15°.

Special offer

For individual orders we make ballast blocks N20 and N25, inclined at an angle of 20° and 25° respectively.

too little ballast?

Additional ballast

N15 Block = 41 kg

If you need an additional ballast, we have designed special blocks NC15, which weigh 15 kg each. Every N-series ballast block may contain at most two NC15 blocks.

ballast system

East - West

NS-series ballast blocks are similar to the N-series, although their purpose is entirely different. We have created an innovative ballast system for East-West PV installations. The idea behind it is the same – the material cost and work time reduction.


NS ballast blocks are available in two variants dependent on module inclination – 5 or 10 degrees.

how many blocks do you need?

Count it

new quality:

PV farms

Thanks to the use of The N15 ballast blocks, now solar farms of a power of 1MW may take up an area less than 1ha!

If you need a bigger angle of inclination, we offer the N20 or N25 ballast blocks for individual order.


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