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Innovative ballast systems for system roofs and grounds

ballast system


The system is intended for mounting modules horizontally, on the shorter side.

ballast system


A product of universal use, thanks to the possible adjustment of assembly zones.
Designed for mounting modules on the long side vertically.

dedicated ground system:

Solar farms

Thanks to the use of XF15 ballast blocks, now the 1MW solar farm will occupy an area of less than 1ha !

For ground installations, we have prepared a dedicated system – XF15 , designed for mounting modules on the long side, vertically.

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Building solar farm

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Why should you choose Ballast Blocks?

The ballast blocks have been designed to maximize acceleration and facilitate the installation of the photovoltaic installation on a flat roof and on the ground.

Our product allows you to significantly reduce material costs and work time, compared to a standard ballast or ground structure.

The aluminum mounting rail integrated with the concrete means that you do not have to spend time screwing the structure.

Easy to use

Give up traditional construction.
Work faster.
Reduce costs and save time.


Roof slope

You can mount ballast installation
on a roof with a slope of ≤ 10 °,
if you use a dedicated glue.


PV farms

An innovative system that allows
accommodate a 1MW installation
on an area of less than 1ha.


Sample projects

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